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Custom Starting Point? What does that mean? Recently, Prezi Next added a new feature: you can now add a Custom Starting Point to your presentation. This means you can start the Prezi Next from any point you like. This helps you being more flexible since you are no longer forced to start your presentation with the overview page. In this blog post we will give you a detailed tutorial on this new feature!

Custom Starting Point: a more flexible way of presenting!

When you present a Prezi, you start on the overview page by default. But what if you want to simply skip it? Maybe you want to start directly on one of the sub-topics? In Prezi Next you will have this option.

You can define your individual starting point in two ways, which we will introduce to you below.

Option 1

Right-click a topic, for example, on your overview. You can now choose the option “Set as starting point”.

Now a small play icon appears next to the topic. If you present it now, your Prezi will start with your chosen topic.

Option 2

Alternatively, you can also set the starting point using the page thumbnails on the left. This works in a similar way to our first example. From the listed pages, with topics and subtopics, simply choose any page with a right-click. The option “Set as starting point” can then be selected.

Now a play icon appears next to the corresponding topic.


In both cases you can delete the starting point using the same method. Simply right-click the topic and select “Remove starting point”.