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Infographics & Anual Reports

The mass of data and information that pours into us every day is constantly increasing. In order to stand out from this jungle of information and to inform your audience in a targeted way, our infographics are a must. Under this umbrella, we create interactive information pages, digital annual reports, online magazines, dynamic maps and informative dashboards for our customers.

Why use pictures instead of text?

Neuroscientists have proven that our optic nerves absorb about 90% of the information and pass it on to the brain. Our brain can also process several visual stimuli simultaneously. In comparison, text is only captured step by step (i.e. sequentially). In plain text, this means that we humans record visual representations many times faster than text. Therefore, this is why infographics have become increasingly important in recent years.

As Prezi Experts, we have already used infographics in many presentations. Take advantage of our many years of experience and let infographics speak for your data and information. Below you will find some examples and areas of application.

Interactive Infographics and Diagrams


We create appealing diagrams and graphics that your viewers can explore interactively. Animations, hyperlinks, connections and many other features will attract more attention and engage your audience. Should I show infographics offline or embed them on my website? You decide how it’s done. There are a variety of possible uses: Timelines, statistics, product information, recruiting tools, visual resumes, flow charts, process visuals and much more. Entrust us with your data visualisation.

Annual Reports


In addition to the classic printed report, digital and interactive reports, including annual reports, are becoming increasingly important. Online reports are especially ideal when the lead time is short or the data to be displayed is only available shortly before publication. Even after publication, the content can be changed in a few simple steps. In addition, we optionally create a detailed analysis of the viewer behaviour for you.

Online Magazines and Digital Catalogues


Our online magazines, periodicals and catalogues conserve resources and do not end up in paper waste, but rather in the mind of the observer. The diverse presentation possibilities with the most diverse types of content make our online magazines really “experienceable”. Reach readers all over the world and benefit from meaningful analyses.

Modern Dashboards and Interactive Instrument Panels


In contrast to infographics, which are usually only produced once, dashboards are usually used continuously. Here, static and mathematical analyses, target/actual comparisons and predictions are clearly presented, regardless of whether KPIs, sales figures or social media interactions are to be displayed. Nowadays, companies can hardly do without meaningful monitoring, so with our interactive dashboards, the time-consuming and complicated evaluation of Excel tables is a thing of the past.

Dynamic Maps


Our dynamic maps are not only used in the aforementioned display variants, but can also be used separately as separate infographics. Be curious….



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