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Did you ever have the desire to change the zoom range of a topic cover while editing your Prezi? Did you want to define precisely what will be seen when you zoom in later? Don’t worry, you will be¬†able to do exactly that – after we explain to you how it works.

Set the zoom area for a topic cover

Maybe you already noticed the black box that shows up, when you edit a topic cover? Using this simple tool, you can now set the zoom area.










You can adjust this area in two ways:

Right-click on the black border while editing the topic cover, then click “Edit topic zoom area”.












Now you can define the size and position of the later zoom area. To confirm your settings, press the ESC key or click an empty area on the canvas.










You can also adjust the zoom area after zooming into a topic. Here the black box is displayed as well. When clicking it you are able to view and set the zoom area as you wish.









Do you have questions about this new feature? We are happy to help if you contact us.