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In Prezi Next, it is not possible to freely arrange bubbles inside a subtopic … or is it? With this new feature you will be able to place sub-topics individually and thus make your Prezi more flexible. In today’s post, we’ll show you how it works.

Place subtopics freely?

Prezi Next is characterized by its structure of topics and subtopics. Within the overview page you can place bubbles and move them freely. This option was not available inside a subtopic so far: if you place a new bubble there, it is displayed on a curve by default.

This curve can be compressed or stretched. Unfortunately, this restriction does not allow a free arrangement of subtopics. This is where the new Prezi Next feature comes into play.

How it works!

If you want to use a flexible layout like the one on the overview page, first select any of the bubbles in your subtopic.

In the menu at the top a new button appears. If you click it, you have two options to choose from. On the right you can choose the standard “aligned” structure. What’s new however is the more flexible “personalized” structure, which allows you to freely place and customize the bubbles.

Clicking on the “Personalized” field now gives you the opportunity to move your bubble freely. You can simply drag and drop them on the surface.

You have access to both options and can customize the arrangement according to your individual wishes.

For Example: If you want to arrange your subtopics in a straight line, it makes sense to work with the “aligned” structure .

For a nonlinear arrangement, it’s best to use the new feature and personalize your subtopics. The individual bubbles can be moved independently and the size can be adjusted individually.

Do you have questions about this new feature? We are happy to help if you contact us.