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The Prezi Expert Program is probably already known to many Prezi users. 7 1/2 years ago, Prezi launched the program and brought Prezi specialists worldwide on board. Testing new Prezi features, contact with Prezi staff and international exchanges were part of the program. Since 2018 some of these things have changed and we at DELFER are now “Prezi Certified Platinum”. In this article you will learn the reasons for that and what you need to keep in mind, when working with the prezi experts.

Prezi Certified – the new expert program

If you want to professionally offer your services around Prezi, you can not avoid certification. Since the beginning of this year, the new program “Prezi Certified” has been established and makes it crystal clear for Prezi customers how experienced and committed your Prezi service provider is. While so far there were around 40 Prezi experts worldwide, a new certification program has now established meaningful guidelines for past and future Prezi experts.

Not everyone is a “Prezi expert” right away

In order to be admitted to the community of the “Prezi Certified”, you must now apply, submit Prezis and demonstrate your commitment and expertise. An internal committee then decides whether the Prezi expert is suitable and can be admitted to the group. If you join the community, take part in trainings and prove your knowledge, you will be named “Prezi Certified Bronze”.





New classifications show the level of experience of the “Prezi Certified”

Whereas in the past only the “Prezi Expert” certification existed, now there are five classifications, depending on experience and commitment: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum. Due to our activities around Prezi since 2009 and the related experience, we immediately got the highest classification “Prezi Certified Platinum”. However, the experts need to hang on in there and bring their commitment throughout the year: theĀ earned points expire at the end of the year and the classification takes place again. Thus, you can be sure that only certified Prezi experts are the true Prezi connoisseurs!

The ASSISTENZWERK team is Prezi Certified Platinum

We are proud of this award and our customers also benefit from our knowledge and experience with Prezi.