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Prezi Classic

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Prezi Classic is a web-based presentation program with a virtually limitless workspace. Imagine that you have a flipchart-like surface with certain content in front of you, e.g. a pictured process. Imagine that you could go to any point in the process and show more detailed information by zooming in and out. This not only gives your Prezi a lively character, but it also allows for surface content to be explained down to the smallest detail.

Can I make a company presentation that is individually applicable depending on the listener? Prezi Classic makes it possible! The representation of a complex production plant down to the smallest mechanical features is no problem for Prezi Classic!

Would you like to take full advantage of Prezi Classic offline? Then you need the software Prezi Desktop, which is part of the Pro licence.

Here on the left side you will see an example Prezi. Click on the arrow keys at the bottom of the screen to go back and forth in the Prezi. The presentation can be freely moved or zoomed with the mouse and the scroll wheel.

Not convinced yet? Maybe a look at our client portfolio will convince you.