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Prezi Next

<iframe src="https://prezi.com/view/TvK4aVduMxz9H07KoswZ/embed" width="600" height="420" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>

Prezi Next is a new Prezi version — the previous software will be continued under the name “Prezi Classic”. If you’ve already become acquainted with Prezi Classic, then the world of Prezi Next will be familiar to you; you can create your presentation on a virtually limitless workspace. Path points allow you to specify the order of the information to be displayed. But now comes the trick: Prezi Next is designed for dialogue-oriented presentations. This means that in addition to the path points, you can immerse yourself at any point even easier than before with Prezi Classic. Read more about dialogue-oriented presentation here.

What does web-based mean? You can also download the Prezi at any time on your PC or Mac and present it offline, but you need to be mindful that no changes can be made to this variant.

Would you like to take full advantage of Prezi Next offline? Then you need to subscribe to a licence from Prezi Next. With the “Plus” licence model, you can create and present your Prezis without an internet connection.

Here on the left you can see an example of a Prezi Next. Click on the arrow keys at the bottom of the screen to go back and forth in the Prezi. You can also zoom in and out of the topics using the mouse and scroll wheel.

Not convinced yet? Maybe a look at our client portfolio will convince you.