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Registered with Prezi on April 25, 2017 with a paid account? Congratulations, Prezi gives you Prezi Next as a free upgrade for chargeable Prezi accounts! How to use this, read here.

Prezi Next as a free upgrade for paid Prezi accounts

Yes, you read it right. The loyal Prezi users will be rewarded!

If you have registered your Prezi account before April 25, 2017, you will be able to continue using Prezi Classic. However, your paid Prezi Pro account has been extended: you can now use Prezi Next and switch easily between versions (menu top left, see screenshot below). This means that you are able to use both Prezi variants! The creators of Prezi thus also give you a Prezi Next Premium Account worth over 11,000 ZAR! (see also https://blog.prezi.com/1532). This free Prezi upgrade will last as long as you use and extend your Prezi account!

Prezi Next als kostenfreies Upgrade für kostenpflichtige Prezi Accounts

If you register after April 25, 2017, you will have access to the new version – Prezi Next. If another user shares a Prezi Classic with you, you can view or collaborate with them. However, you can no longer create a new Prezi Classic.

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