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How do you rotate objects in Prezi Next? When creating a presentation in Prezi Next, did you ever want to rotate objects such as text boxes or images? In today’s post, we’ll tell you how to do it …

Turn Prezi Next objects?

Let’s be honest: a Prezi is characterized by freely placeable objects and free camera shots. As with Prezi Classic, the camera movement or rotation also depends on the position of the object on the work surface. If, for example, an object is rotated 20 degrees to the left, the camera will also make a corresponding turn when in presentation mode, and then align the object with the “imaginary baseline”.

Shortcut for rotating

To rotate an object, click it once. Corner markings become visible which are used to adjust the size. If you press the AltGr-key (to the right of the space bar) in WINDOWS or the CMD key (to the left of the spacebar) on a MAC-keyboard, the functionality of the cursor changes: you are now able to rotate the object while holding down the aforementioned button. It does not matter which of the four corner marks you choose – they all have the same function.








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