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Remotely control Prezi Next with a smartphone or tablet! With Prezi Next, you can remotely control your presentation with a smartphone or tablet via a Bluetooth connection. In this guide we will show you step by step how it works …

Prezi Next for a dialogue-oriented presentation

The latest Prezi version “Next” is characterized by a dynamic control of content. Thus, you can adapt the course of the presentation to the interest of your audience or respond to questions from the inclined auditorium. Controlling the Prezi Next with a smartphone or tablet supports this way of presentation so that you, as a presenter, can easily navigate through the content.

The preparation

First, you need a laptop that ist Bluetooth compatible and a corresponding Prezi Next license (Plus, Premium or Teams). You will also need the Prezi Next Desktop App on your laptop. Additionaly the Prezi Viewer must be installed on your smartphone you can purchase it in the App Store or Google Store. Your smartphone should of course also have a Bluetooth connection – which should be the case with most current models.

Present like a pro – with remote control for smartphone and tablet

Start the Prezi Next Desktop App on your laptop. Enter your access data if this is the first time you start the app. Then all your Prezi presentations are automatically synchronized – you should wait until this process is finished completely. Start the desired Prezi in presentation mode and click “Prezi Remote” in the lower right corner.

At the same time, you should have started the Prezi Viewer on your smartphone and have already completely synchronized the Prezis. Select the desired Prezi and tap “Start Remote Control” at the bottom right.

Once the two devices are connected, you can use the smartphone to control the Prezi (on the laptop) using the arrow symbols.

With your tablet the remote control works in a similar way. On both devices you can also present a Prezi by tapping the topics and subtopics. This is of course a bit more comfortable when using a tablet due to the screen size.

After presenting, you can disconnect either on the smartphone or on the laptop.