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How do you even present a Prezi? Does it also work offline? Many Prezi users are unaware of all the different options Prezi offers for presenting and sharing presentations. In this blog post we give you a small overview.

Present Prezi online

1. Via your browser on prezi.com

This option is the best known among most users. You can choose any Prezi from your dashboard and simply click the play symbol to start the presentation.


Alternatively, click the arrow in the bottom right corner and select “Present”.

While editing a Prezi you can start the presentation at any time by clicking the blue “Present” button in the upper right corner of the menu.



In both cases the Prezi starts after a short loading time – either with the overview or your individually set “Custom Starting Point”. You can now control the Prezi by clicking the arrows at the bottom of the screen. Either use a Presenter (e.g. by Logitech), the arrow keys on your keyboard, or click the main or subtopics. You are also able to freely zoom in on any object. Just scroll your mouse wheel or click the desired object.




2. Prezi Live (paid license required)
This feature allows you to share your Prezi with an audience of up to 30 people. They are then able to follow your Prezi live on their own computer.

To use this option, you have to generate a link before presenting live the first time. You only need to create this link once. In the course of the process, you also need to choose the URL under which all Prezis will be presented in the future. Choose this name carefully, it can not be changed later.

To generate this personal URL, choose a Prezi on your dashboard. Click the arrow in the bottom right corner, then choose “Live Prezi”.

While editing the prezi you can click the icon in the menu bar at the top right.




If this is the first time you chose this function, a new window opens. You can now set the personal URL.




If the selected name has already been assigned, you will receive a corresponding message. If you succeed with your name choice, a new window opens with your personal URL: https://www.prezi.com/live/NAME_Your_url. Copy this link and send it to the recipients via email. Here you can also specify whether your live session is password protected.

Then click on “Start Live Prezi” and wait until your participants are on board. After loading the Prezi, you will see the number of participants in the upper right corner. Once the Prezi has loaded completely on a viewer’s computer, the number is increased accordingly.




Now you can present as usual – all clicks, tracking shots and zooms can be viewed by the audience in real time. The sound is best transmitted by phone, Skype or similar. Prezi itself does not offer sound transmission.
To quit the live presentation, just click on the corresponding button in the info window on the top right.

3. Share a link

Paying Prezi users have the opportunity to create an unlimited number of links to their presentation, allowing viewers to see the Prezi. To generate a link to a Prezi, choose one from your dashboard and click the button with the three dots.




Alternatively, click on the arrow at the bottom right and select “Share Link to Watch”.

Now a new window pops up. Click the button on the right titled “Create new link”.




Another window opens and you can enter the name for the link in the upper field. We recommend entering the name of the viewer or the company name. As mentioned earlier, you can create as many links as you like for different viewers, and keep track of them with the label.



Present Prezi offline

1. Desktop App

The Prezi Desktop App doesn’t require access to the internet. Similar to the online version on prezi.com, you can present your Prezis via the Dashboard (Play-Button) or via Editor (Button “Start Presentation”). You can also use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to navigate. Either use a presenter (e.g. by Logitech), the keyboard arrow keys, or by clicking the main or subtopics.You are also able to freely zoom in on any object. Just scroll your mouse wheel or click the desired object.

2. Portable Prezi

A portable Prezi can only be created using the Prezi Next Desktop App. Click the arrow in the dashboard view – then a window opens with further details about the Prezi.



Click “Download” and choose between the two options “Prezi for Windows” and / or “Prezi for Mac”.

After selection, the Windows Explorer or Finder opens and you can name the file(s) and select the location. After confirmation, the portable Prezi will be saved in the selected versions. The Windows version (extension “.exe”) can be started directly with double click, while the version for the Mac (“.zip”) needs to be unzipped. Your portable Prezi can be presented in the same way you would present a Prezi via the desktop app or online on Prezi.com.

3. On the tablet
To present a Prezi on the tablet you need to install the Prezi Viewer App. We recommend the installation of the latest version. When you create a presentation on your computer, it automatically syncs with the Prezi Viewer app on your tablet. It’s also possible to remotely control a Prezi on your desktop using a tablet connect via bluetooth.

Do you have questions about this new feature? We are happy to help if you contact us.