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Here you will learn a trick on how to still create a new Prezi Classic with Prezi Next. If you register with Prezi after 25.04.2017, you can only choose the “Prezi Next” version for creating new presentations. We found a trick on how you can still enjoy working with the “Prezi Classic” version and make new presentations.

Only Prezi Next? That’s what you think!

Maybe, after signing up into your Prezi Account you wondered: Why can you only create “Next” Presentations and no “Classics”? This sudden change was very surprising to a lot of users. We as experts would have wished for a much smoother transition. That’s why we want to show you step by step how you still can create Prezi Classics.

This is the menu without Prezi Classic

So you have already set up a Prezi Next Account? Great, then we may continue. If you’re signed in and see your dashboard, click in your browser’s address bar and type the following URL: https://prezi.com/instant-prezi/.



Now press Enter or Return to view the page. Now there are two possibilities: either you will land directly on the start screen to create a new Prezi Classic (Prezi loading icon followed by the selection of Prezi templates) or you will get an error message. In the first case, just work in the Prezi Classic. By the time you close it (“Exit” on the top right), you will also see an error message.






You do not have to be irritated by this, because this message will appear every time you create a new Prezi Classic this way. The Prezi is still available: click on the menu item “My Prezis” on the top right and view the corresponding overview. In addition to your Prezis, you will now find a modified selection on the top left: Prezi Classic has appeared as a menu item.






The recently created Prezi (here “Untitled Prezi”) is listed under Prezi Classic and can now be edited further (move the mouse over the preview image).

Note: this Prezi hack is not illegal, because users who have registered for a Prezi Classic account before 25.04.2017 can use both versions. Why not you too? We would like to point out, however, that Prezi may prevent the activation of Prezi Classic (as described here) in the future. As long as that does not happen: have fun!

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